20 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Believe in magic

Good morning everyone!!!!
The new 7 Dots Studio challenge is being revealed today and I must tell you that it's worth playing with!

The theme:

(winter has arrived at the northern hemisphere - ok, at the MOST of the northern hemisphere)

This is the inspirational circle

And this is my interpretation.
There's nothing warmer or cozier for me than a cup of hot chocolate, while I sit next to my Christmas tree... it's just magical!  So my page is about the warmth and coziness of the Christmas season (that is quickly approaching us!)! 

I used papers, die-cuts and stickers from the "Nature Walk" collection, which I think is the warmest collection ever!  The fibers are a gift from my good friend, Erina!  While I was thinking about what I would do for this challenge, I realized that I needed some inspiration.  I just couldn't decide on which paper I'd use for my background. 

The ScrapAroundtheWorld November moodboard by Zuzia Bodakowska helped me pick the right one.  I loved this moodboard as soon as I saw it, because it combined very elegant elements 
- take a look at it

I met Zuzia at the World Scrap Tournament 2014 and loved her artistic creations. She always had something elegant to present and elegance always works as a magnet for my attention.  Therefore I couldn't resist at playing with her moodboard, that is elegant and classy. So I used the down right picture (for my choice of paper) and the down middle photo for the textures that I needed a warm and cozy page to have!  I also tucked in a few flowers of different kinds (taken from the up right photo). There's a sticker with music notes as well in my cluster, to the left of the photo. Apart from the bicycle, I used all the photos of the moodboard (my like is obvious, isn't it? lol)!

So this is my page and how it was created! I hope you like it!

Will you play with our challenge? Please do, as we love seeing your creations!

The rules are simple:
- create any project inspired by our theme
- use at least one 7 Dots Studio product
- publish your project on you blog with a link to our challenge
- do not forget to include in your blog post our "inspirational circle"
Deadline: December 20th, 2014.

That's all from me now! Have a great day!

11 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Gate to heaven

Good morning everyone!

Here I am today to share a page I created for fun... long have I wanted to make something that will not be a DT project.  And yesterday I realized that I haven't joined in a challenge as a participant for many months, so it wouldn't hurt if I stretched my legs a bit.

Anyway, what I did was to pick a Pinterest photo that caught my eye/inspired/impressed me, choose my favourite colours and play!

The Words&Paintery challenge blog is a new kid on the block (it's great to have new and fresh ideas for inspiration), it happened to have my all-time favourite colour combo up for playing, so I just couldn't resist!

Plus Tusia, a wonderful scrap-friend of mine, hosts a challenge at the Mixed Media Place blog. It is called Exercise #1 of the Creative Gym (just when I was thinking that I have to stretch my scrap-legs!!)

1. Use black
2. Use white
3. Use grey
4. And - add one more color of your choice.

So after combining the two challenges, what came out is this

Stamps in grey & black (I wonder why I had ruled stamps out of my creations lately), washi tape, inks, gesso, masks... as you see the cardstock is the only paper I used (I just ADORE mixed media techniques, they can substitute the paper so easily and successfully)!

Ι don't like the way Blogger uploaded the page, the colours seem a bit dull, but c'est la vie!
Anyway, I had fun playing the challenges and I hope you like my take on them!

Have a great day!

6 Νοεμβρίου 2014

I love winter - an art-journal page for 13 Arts

Hello hello!!
Winter is finally here in Greece and I must say that I'm thrilled! I adore winter, with its cold, grey, rainy days - probably because it doesn't last for long here in Crete (my island).  So when we have something for a short period of time, we learn to appreciate it more!

{-update: when I was writing this post, the weather was indeed cold. Today that this post is being published... hmmm... I'm not so sure anymore that winter is here!}

Anyway, I just want to share an art-journaling page today, which shouts out my love for winter!

I have chosen a colour combination that speaks volumes about winter (at least for me):
grey, blue, dark blue, brown and silver!

I have used the 13 Arts "Timeless" Collection Stickers for my background and
on top of them, I have applied modelling paste with the Dots Mask
and then I have used the amazing Ayeeda Inks!

The white background you see is actually silver!

So I hope my art journal page conveys how much I like winter 
and creates a breezy feeling to the viewers!

Products used:

4 Νοεμβρίου 2014

If only

Γεια και χαρά σε όλους!
Θα ήθελα να μοιραστώ μαζί σας σήμερα μια σελίδα που έφτιαξα για το 7 Dots Studio...
Eίναι μια σελίδα που αγάπησα για κάποιο λόγο, ίσως λόγω της φωτογραφίας - μου φαίνεται εντελώς ονειρική και παραμυθένια.  Έχει το κάστρο των ονείρων μου, αυτό που φανταζόμουν μικρή (ξερετε, διαβάζοντας τα παραμυθάκια που αρέσουν στα κοριτσάκια, με τους πρίγκηπες και τα κάστρα)! 
Αν το συνδυάσουμε και με την αγάπη μου για τη λογοτεχνία του 19ου αιώνα, εντάξει, δεν θέλει άλλα λόγια, καταλάβατε... :)
Χρησιμοποίησα την ΥΠΕΡΟΧΗ Domestic Goddess (όσες κι αν βγουν μετά, αυτή θα είναι πάντα από τις αγαπημένες μου), με σχετικά λίγα διακοσμητικά, αλλά με το απαραίτητο χρώμα βεβαίως βεβαίως!

Ελπίζω να σας αρέσει η σελίδα μου!
Αυτά τα ολίγα για σήμερα!  Καλά να περνάτε!

2 Νοεμβρίου 2014

7 Dots Studio meets Sketchabilities

Hello everyone!  
7 Dots Studio DT is playing with the latest Sketchabilities sketch this fortnight
and I'm very happy to be one of the DT members who joined in the fun!

This is the wonderful sketch

and my page

I have used the 7 Dots Studio Cold Country collection along with
13 arts inks and 2 Crafty Chipboard Indian feathers & Groovy Flower.

I will be coming back here soon to share my new page for 7 Dots Studio!
Till then, have a wonderful and creative time!