1 Νοεμβρίου 2016

My secret story

Good morning!

I would like to share I page I made recently.  Life has been a little bit more difficult for me lately, so I haven't scrapped as much as I wanted.  I'm very happy I made the following page.

It talks about our secret stories, our secret selves.  I think that many people are not what they seem or do or say.  Either they have to align with other people's wishes/demands or conform with the daily circumstances, but in reality they are not what they appear to be. They can lead a totally different life but they just wear a mask to survive.  I don't know how many of you can identify with this, but at least I do.

So this page is about our secret stories.  

As you see I have followed the rule of "1" in almost every element of my page.  One flower, one chipboard, one die-cut, one acrylic, one paste, one stencil.  I don't think I needed more.

Of course. 

I got to go now. I hope you have a wonderful month.


21 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016

Explore the incredible beauty of Fall

I know I have been away for very long. For reasons of technical nature, mostly.
Anyway, here I am today to share a page I made yesterday.
It was a cloudy day, which I had missed. It finally rained (some hail, too) and I got ecstatic.

Not much to say about this simple layout, it is a kinda "let's see where we left it at" quick warm up thing (time is not a friend of mine). I have kept the big quantities of brown, dark red, copper and mustard yellow that we find in forests in Fall, while allowing some green to pop up in small doses.

7 Dots Studio Domestic Goddess (the ultimate Fall collection)
and some bits and pieces.  

***The chipboard swirls I used are a gift from my amazing friend, Nadyunya***

Fall is one of my two favourite seasons (Winter is the other, of course). I find it incredibly beautiful and inspiring.  It can be silent and serene, although sometimes it is stormy and loud.  It always points inwards and coaxes me to look within.

I hope I have transmitted these feelings of mine in the page.

I hope we all have a wonderful Autumn (ok, the Northern Hemisphere).  I think it officially starts today, doesn't it?

¬ Melenia

20 Μαΐου 2016

Love yourself and shine

Γεια σας μετά απο αρκετό καιρό!
Σήμερα είχα λίγο ελεύθερο χρόνο και σκέφτηκα να ξαναπιάσω τα χαρτόνια μου - η αλήθεια είναι ότι τα χέρια μου έχουν χάσει την σβελτάδα τους πλεον και χρειάζομαι εξάσκηση πάλι.

Λοιπόν έφτιαξα αυτή τη σύνθεση που βλέπετε παρακάτω.
Κουράστηκα με τα φορτωμένα μου γενικά και νομίζω ότι κουράστηκε και ο κόσμος.  Σε λίγο καιρό θα αλλάξει η μόδα, έχω την αίσθηση.  Ισως όχι προς το απόλυτο clean & simple (πρέπει να πουληθούν όλες αυτές οι παστες και οι χαντρες και τα μελάνια), αλλά στο πιο συμμαζεμένο. Υπάρχει μεγάλη πιθανότητα να πέσω έξω στις προβλέψεις βεβαια, αυτό όμως μου λέει το ένστικτό μου κι είπα να το ακολουθήσω.

Γι' αυτό αποφάσισα να κάνω κάτι λίιιιγο διαφορετικό. Όλα σε μικρότερη κλίμακα. Ακόμα πιο καθαρά. Με επίκεντρο τη φωτογραφία αλλά σε συμμετρία και αρμονία με τα υπόλοιπα στοιχεία, φυσικά πάντα με κομψότητα.  Με περισσότερο white space και περισσότερη αντίθεση.

Γι' αυτή τη σύνθεση εμπνεύστηκα από την πρόκληση Μαϊου του Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo 

{ευχαριστώ, Valia Katzaki, για την πρόταση ;) }

και χρησιμοποίησα αυτό το όμορφο σκετς του Scrap Africa

Χαίρομαι πολύ που βρήκα χρόνο και ασχολήθηκα λίγο με το άθλημα!  Ελπίζω να σας αρέσει η σελίδα μου! Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο να έχετε! Ευχαριστώ για την επίσκεψη!

30 Μαρτίου 2016

Break free - a canvas

Hello my friends!
Today I want to show you a canvas I made.
When it comes to these little art pieces, I feel that I'm just a beginner so I thought to get some experience by practice (practice is ALWAYS a good idea!).

I happened to see a lovely Mixed Media Place moodboard the other day and it became my starting point.  I got inspired by the butterfly of the top left photo and the softness of the moodboard in general. As the message of my canvas is "break free" (which means that it needs to have an airy feel), I tried to give motion to the creation by making a light blue trail on the right - like a soft breeze that blows on the cluster from the left and takes everything with it.

Lots of 13 arts media (of course), as you see

some details

The Mixed Media place moodboard

I think I could do better than this, but as I said, experience is achieved by constant practice.  
Now that I'm examining it more thoroughly, I believe that I should correct a few details. 
But I'm ok with it, as it is!

Anyway, I hope you like it.  So that's everything for now!  Have a beautiful day!

19 Μαρτίου 2016

Love is worth waiting for

Good morning!
Yesterday Berry71Bleu published my guest-designer's take on the lovely March Challenge.
It is an honour to be invited as a special guest in an amazing challenge blog, such as Berry71Bleu. Thank you very much, ladies! 

So today I thought to share my layout here as well.

My page

This page was inspired by a very dear friend of mine, Tusia Lech, who is also the designer of the 7 Dots Studio Verano Azul Collection.  I had her in my mind while making it - I guess that's why this page came out as a very delicate, soft, tender and elegant creation.

So as love is the biggest and most valuable emotion a human can experience, it is worthy of our patience. Believe in love and it will come to you. This is what I think.

I had mentioned in a previous post here that I intend to make less loaded pages. I'm happy that this one is not full of small details and mixed-media techniques. I'm trying to prove to myself that I can be more minimalistic lol.

I want to submit this page to the current 7 Dots Studio challenge, whose theme is EMOTIONS. I will take part in it as a contestant, not as a member of the DT - a nice first time :).

Look at the inspirational circle

So I hope this layout inspires you to talk about love and wait for love and create about love. It is much needed lately...

Have a nice weekend!

17 Μαρτίου 2016

2 scoops of ice-cream

Good morning...
Here I am again to share a page I created today for the More than Words March challenge.
A really messy one. I mixed up a lot of different media (gesso, mists, a pencil, glitter) and my hands got dirty - actually they have several patches of brown, teal and green inks.

I chose to talk about little pleasures in life that can be very blissful :).
One of them is mocha ice-cream.  I just adore it. Whenever I have some, I feel like I'm in heaven! I love the flavours of coffee and chocolate together! So 2 scoops of mocha ice-cream are just a little bit of magic for me...

I pulled my elements and paper from the 7 Dots Studio Thoughtskeeper Collection which I mainly combined with a modern photo as well as with lots of 13 Arts white gesso.  I always use this one instead of modelling paste, it works better for me, as it's thick and steady.  So I put some on my title and then added gold glitter on it. I also used it with 2 stencils for extra texture.

Like I already said, I was inspired by the More than Words March challenge.

I hope you like my page! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your beautiful comments.  They are much appreciated!

15 Μαρτίου 2016


Hello hello!
A quick post before I leave for work, in order to share a page I just made (inspiration knocked my door today) :)

I played with the 7 Dots Studio Yuletide Collection, though the theme of my page is not Christmas-y. I combined red, brown and bright blue (colours that are strong and intense) and talked about the glitter that we have inside our souls and that we should let shine out from time to time. It will surely inspire people.  As you see the photo is quite modern and the feel of the collection somewhat vintage. But yes, 7 Dots Studio Collections make miracles and can combine both styles. Love you, 7 Dots Studio!

I based my layout on the following sketch from Anna's Scrap March challenge
that I flipped to the right

Ok that's everything for now!
I will be back in a couple of days to share another page!

Have an awesome day!

7 Μαρτίου 2016

Coffee time

Good morning everyone!
It's been almost 2 months since my last post here.
I didn't mean it to happen, but life is always unpredictable.

The reality in everyday life here in Greece has been even tougher the last 3-4 months, for the Greek people as well as the refugees that are stuck/locked/stranded here.  The countries that create the mess in these people's homelands just refuse to give shelter/accept/take care of them- how responsible is this, eh?  I could say a lot more on this subject but we all KNOW what's going on.

I need to say, though, that I'm very proud that most of my fellow Greeks, despite their hard economic problems and their struggle to survive, HELP the refugees by providing food, clothes, toys and play for the kids, medicines. I expected nothing less than that from them. It's just majestic.  I know that some of the refugees are going to be sent/distributed in my island soon, so I'm looking forward to helping them alongside with the other citizens of Greece.

So yesterday, in order to distract myself a bit from all these hard situations, I scrapped.
I made a colorful and playful page, having focused on this special time of the day, when we all sit and have COFFEE (with some delicious croissants, from time to time)! For me, that time is after I wake up.  Coffee is pure bliss, don't you agree?

So this is my layout

As you probably already noticed, I avoided layering and overloading.  This is something I intend to do even more in my next layouts. So the most prominent feature here is the word stickers.  And because I am a 7 Dots Studio girl, I worked with the Verano Azul Collection again. :)

So I used the following mists:

I also played with Crafty Life March Challenge which is actually a bingo challenge.
I used the far right vertical combination Patterned Paper/Die-cuts/Flowers.  Apart from those, it's evident that I used some mists and chipboard, too.

Lace/ Ribbons
Patterned Paper (s)
Die Cuts

That's all from me now! I hope you have a great week and remember to be thankful for all you are given. Nothing  in life is to be taken for granted.

15 Ιανουαρίου 2016


Hello hello!
Here I am again... today it seemed like a good day to play with a challenge.
So I browsed through my challenge blogs list and I noticed that More than Words January main challenge has a very interesting one.  Its theme is Personality & Selfie.

I happened to have one selfie that I took one and a half year ago, so I thought "why not".
It's not easy at all to illustrate one's personality in just one layout, therefore I decided to focus on just one aspect of my profile.

I am a dreamer. I dream to excel at many things. I'm never satisfied with my achievements, my knowledge, myself. I dream to become more than I am everyday.  Frankly I don't know how realistic all these are, I guess I'm a bit nuts lol.

Anyway I tried to create a page wherein someone could see this trait of mine in a vintage, classic, dark, not too bold, but full of small details style. Again, I aimed at grace, harmony, balance and elegance (of course the latter is not news, I always want that in my creations).

I used the 7 Dots Studio "Lost & Found" collection.  And 13 Arts media.

I think it's time for me to experiment with a more modern style in my layout.  I hope (or shall I say dream?) I will manage to make a clean & simple, modern page soon.

Until then... have awesome days! And be dreaming!

9 Ιανουαρίου 2016

Take a deep breath and....

... open the door of your soul.  You will find sparkle and shine inside.

This is what I would like to do in 2016.
And it is the theme of the layout I made in order to tell just that.

Of course I have used 7 Dots Studio products again (Soulmates).

I admit that it's a bit overloaded with bits'n'pieces, I guess that having quite some time to scrap, I needed to unleash all the scrap energy I had stored (lol).  As I'm comparing this page with my previous one, I realize that the amount of embellishments I put on a cardstock usually depends on my mood. A form of expression, too, isn't it? Very artistically talkative I was this time indeed.

Ok without further ado

Since I hadn't scrapped for some weeks, I drew inspiration from the following Berry71Bleu Moodboard (January Challenge)

The combination of black/blue/green is AWESOME.

That's everything from me for now, I guess!
Until next time.... take a deep breath, open the door of your soul and look into it!

Thanks for stopping by!